Countries of Origin of Our Products

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  We want our customers to know most of our crosses and centers come from Europe which is why our prices are what they are. If the item says, "Made in Italy" it is! Some are custom-made for us in the USA, South America and Asia. Our beads come mostly from the Czech Republic, India or Israel.

  It is our policy to clearly label country-of-origin on our products so you know what you are paying for! Many online sellers do not list country-of-origin of their goods because they don't want you to know all their products come from China!

  Although we have avoided carrying these non-traditional supply goods until now, we have learned many Italian former-manufacturers are now out-sourcing much of their manufacturing to China or Indo-China and re-packaging the goods as "Made in Italy". (Import/export corruption there is rife). So whether it says "Made in Italy" or not, it is likely made in Asia anyways.

  In order to carry popular bronze-finish items we have had no other supply choice but to look at Asian-made goods. We have, however, reviewed many samples from many suppliers and upheld our quality standards and content restrictions (no lead, no nickel, no cadmium) and Asian manufacturers are responding to the demand for purer alloys, so you can purchase from our site with the same confidence as before!

  Our primary source is European, but when there is no other source for what we are looking for we will consider Asian-made. However, we label all our items so the choice is up to you!