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Celebrating our 28th Anniversary in business!

St. Joseph's Rosary Parts was started in 1994 by a traditional Catholic homeschooling family. Being rosary makers we understood the needs of rosary makers for quality products and as a family we understood the need for affordable prices.

In our early years we sold strictly by mail order, printing our own catalogs and doing 3-5 day mailing bee's stuffing envelopes and attaching mailing labels and stamps. It was a good thing there were many hands to do it!

Since the advent of the internet we have built and maintained a website which has made it much easier for our customers to order and much easier for us to keep the inventory available current! It was such a relief to say good-bye to paper catalogs that displayed sold out items, ending the frustration of customers who tried to order items no longer available. No more waiting weeks for your order to reach us by mail either! Ordering now is as instant as the click of a mouse! We really hustle to get your orders out to you! We ship within 48 hours of the next business day for in-stock items. We offer shipping via DHL courier now too so our international customers  can get their orders faster and safer than ever! No more paper catalogs is also more environmentally friendly! They always end up in the trash when a new one is printed and the cycle of production and garbage just never ends, not to mention the wasted trees from so much paper. Now we have the freedom to stock limited inventory items like Clearance Beads, giving you the opportunity to get something really good at a great discount "while they last"!

We are always on the look out for new and interesting items to give your projects that 'something extra'. Sometimes that means we reproduce vintage pieces from traditional devotions, sometimes we commission pieces for newly canonized saints and beatti. There is always something new here to reflect the depth and variety of devotions in our Catholic Faith!

Our latest addition are glass dome colour picture centers which we commission and assemble ourselves! Finally we have the freedom to offer special saints and themes without having to stock them by the thousands! This helps keep the price down too!

We are always available by email: service@stjoesparts.ca We find it is the most convenient communication method to accommodate work schedules, time zones and countries. We ALWAYS reply!

(Please note, we don't work Sundays)

We welcome your suggestions for new items!

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