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  • RC537Q 2 1/2 inch Our Lady of Guadalupe glass dome each

    price per one 2 1/2"

    Actual image of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Juan Diego's tilma (not an artist's rendering). Sturdy frame, glass dome. Made in Canada

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    Set04 Blue Enamel Miraculous Medal set

    Set is 1 blue enamel 2" St Benedict Medal crucifix (front and back enamel) 1 blue enamel 1" Miraculous medal center (front enamel) and six blue enamel 5/8" Miraculous Medal beads (front enamel)

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    RC536D 2 1/2 Inch Sacred Heart of Jesus each

    price per one 2 1/2" oval

    Gorgeous traditional image of Jesus' Most Sacred Heart.  Assembled by hand in Canada

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    Deluxe Brown Scapular each

    Our very best scapular! Thick 100% wool brown scapular, overcast edges and lovely woven fabric front and back images. Thick woven cord straps.Individually wrapped with leaflet.  Price per one
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