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We believe in treating all our customers the same!

Any available discounts are shown on the individual listings. Period! Occasionally we have special discount voucher codes available which are advertised in our email newsletter. If you wish to subscribe, there is a sign-up box on our home page.

Orders over $100 will automatically receive a 10% discount voucher via email to be used towards your next purchase. Please be sure to use an active email address when placing your order.

We believe in treating all our customers the same because we value a small order as much as a larger one. We don't believe in giving special discounts on request to the exclusion of other customers. If a discount is available to one customer, it should be available to ALL customers!

Those who choose to give away the rosaries they make, rather than sell them, it is a choice you make, not an expense WE should incur. To gain the blessings, the sacrifice should be made by the one doing the giving, not by the business selling the parts. Special "deep discounts" will ensure only one thing - that we won't be in business for long!

 Thank-you for understanding!