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Assorted Italian Made Centres 6/pkg

Clearance! Assorted centres of Jesus, Our Lady, some Miraculous, Divine Mercy, some saints, each package different. 1st quality Made in Italy

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Assorted Italian Made Gilt Centres 5/pkg

Clearance! Assorted Italian Made centres in gilt finish. Very limited quantity! Some color, some all metal, Jesus, Mary, saints etc. 5 per package
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CCCJesus Bargain Bag glass dome center 5/pkg

5 per pkg 1"

Assorted glass dome centers, titles of Jesus, no duplicates per package. Limited quantity! Made by hand in Canada

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CCCMary Bargain Bag Blessed Virgin Mary 5/pkg

5 per pkg 1"

5 different centers of Our Lady - glass domes, sturdy frame. Assembled by hand in Canada

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LE08 Assorted Mary Centres glass dome 4/pkg

Assorted discontinued glass dome centres of Mary, mostly icons, assorted frames, glass domes. 4 per package Made in Canada *Limited quantity!

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LE10 Assorted Jesus glass dome 5/pkg

Assorted discontinued Jesus theme glass domes, assorted frames. 5 per package Made in Canada *Limited quantity!

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LE01 Our Lady of Grace enthroned medals 3/pkg

3 per pkg 3/4"

Our Lady of Grace enthroned medal, glass dome minimalist frame, made by hand in Canada. Limited quantity!

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LE05 The Crucifixion naturals glass dome each

price per one 1"

Beautiful image of the crucifixion, minimalist frame, glass dome. Made in Canada Limited quantity!

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RC206B Rome Basillicas 4/pk

Set of 4 medals 1/2"

Rome Basillicas; St. Peter, St. Paul, St. John, St. Mary Major. Holy Ghost on reverse Made in Italy

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RC146H Small Natural Brown wood 3/pk

 3 per pkg  1 1/4"

Light brown color Wood crucifix, gold embossed corpus imprint, top is cross drilled

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RC146D Medium Brown wood crucifix each

price per one 1 1/2"

Attractive one piece, 1 1/2" solid wood crucifix with gold details imprint and corpus. Cross-drilled. Sturdy. Made in PRC

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RC130D Plain and Sturdy silver crucifix 3/pkg

3 per pkg  1 1/4"

Sturdy crucifix with a smooth border Medium size. Made in PRC

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RC488 Our Lady of Good Success Mother Mariana del Torres each

Price per one 7/8"

Beautiful full color image of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success, Mother Mariana de Jesus del Torres, incorrupt Conceptionist Abbess on the other side. See details for more information

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RC468S O L Grace silver 3/pkg

3 per pkg  7/8" cut out oval

Beautiful cut out Our Lady of Grace center. Sturdy! Antiqued silver finish. Made in China

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RC468G O L Grace gilt 3/pkg

3 per pkg  7/8" cut out oval

Beautiful cut out Our Lady of Grace center. Antiqued gilt finish. Made in China

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RC468B O L Grace bronze 3/pkg

3 per pkg  7/8" cut out oval

Beautiful cut out Our Lady of Grace center. Bronze finish. Made in China

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Rose Gold Filigree crucifix 3/pkg

3 per pkg 2"

Lovely filigree crucifix, came in the wrong finish - rose gold not plain gilt

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8" Porcelain Nativity Set

Gorgeous details and reverent faces on this really lovely 3 piece white nativity set. Beautiful Florentine styling! Limited quantity!

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