"One day through the Rosary and Scapular I will save the World" - Our Lady to St Dominic

Ever worn a scapular? You may think "How can I commit to wearing something around my neck for the rest of my life?"  Try one and soon you cannot imagine NOT wearing a scapular for the rest of your life. It is as natural as wearing a shirt, or a watch, or a wedding ring. It is an easy thing to accustom to and a rich source of graces from God. Wearing a scapular is a constant, silent prayer.

Free pdf book scan of "A short treatise on the Scapular":

What Is A Scapular?

Scapulars are a sacramental in the Church. Each has it's own history and benefits. This short video covers the history and use of the most common scapulars.

Click here for free pdf download of investiture prayers:

Washable Embroidered Brown Scapular each

Beautiful embroidered brown images, washable brown scapular. Sturdy cord! See details for free pdf leaflet download
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Econo Brown Cord Scapular each

Carmelite Brown Scapular, woven fabric with Our Lady's Scapular Promise to St Simon Stock and Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Sturdy brown cord. For an econo scapular these are very durable because of the heat press glue. Small 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" size Budget price for giving away! See Details for free leaflet download
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Econo Brown Cord Scapular Bulk 25/pkg

Our durable econo cord brown scapular, packaged individually with leaflet explaining the benefits of wearing the brown scapular and obligations. Bulk package of 25 scapulars. Made in the USA
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Guadalupe Embroidered Brown Scapular each

Beautiful embroidered images, washable brown scapular. Sturdy cord beautiful embroidery! See Details for free pdf leaflet download
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St Joseph Scapular each

Capuchin Purple  Scapular of St Joseph. Sturdy white braid cord Click on "Details" for leaflet
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Passion of Jesus Red Scapular each

Lazarist Order Red Passion of Jesus scapular to honor the sufferings of Jesus. Sturdy red cord and plastic casing for protection. Click on "Details" for more information

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Badge of the Sacred Heart each

Red felted wool badge of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Easy to pin or sew to your regular scapular. Exorcism prayer reads, "Cease! The Heart of Jesus is with me! Sacred Heart of Jesus Thy kingdom come!" Made in Italy (these have NOT been blessed) See Details for history and info
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Encased Green Scapular each

Badge of the Immaculate Heart more commonly known as the Green Scapular. Image shows front and back but item is only 1 square. Encased in plastic with green cord. Known for miracles like the Miraculous Medal, especially conversions. Click on "Details" for more information

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