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Blessed Father Solanus Casey

American born Fr Solanus Casey has been elevated to "Blessed" the last step before canonization. This video is a short synopsis of his life and vocation as a Capuchin friar whose intercessions obtained miracles.

Walk the Stations of the Cross

It takes only a few minutes to walk the Stations of the Cross but so many indulgences may be gained by doing so! Offer them for your loved ones and the souls in Purgatory! Featured are the Stations of the Cross at the Lourdes Grotto in Rama Saskatchewan.

Who is St Joseph?

A popular patron saint yet mysterious even to those devoted to him, St Joseph was clearly the greatest of men. So holy in fact God Himself wanted him for His foster father. This video tells a little more of the story of this amazing and powerful saint! Free pdf download of a 30 day novena prayer to St Joseph:

The Stations of the Cross

An ancient devotion in the Catholic Church, the Stations of the Cross is a chronicle of the passion of Jesus Christ in which we honor His specific sufferings and consider the cost of our redemption. Free Stations pdf to download and print: 

What Is A Scapular?

Scapulars are a sacramental in the Church. Each has it's own history and benefits. This short video covers the history and use of the most common scapulars.

Click here for free pdf download of investiture prayers:

What Is Memento Mori?

An ancient tradition, expressed with a small skull bead attached to a rosary or prayer chaplet, what does it mean and why should we use it?

Our Lady of Guadalupe

This image is very familiar to most Catholics, but what's the story behind it? This short video takes to to 1531 to find out!

The Dominican Rosary

The tradition and history of the 5 decade rosary of the dominicans, Order of Preachers

Repairing Broken Rosaries

Great ideas for fixing anyones favorite rosary!

Jump Ring Opener Tool

Neat little gadget, saves time and your fingernails!

How to Make Pull Rosaries

Handy one decade rosaries for driving, working or praying in bed!